Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals through rescue and rehabilitation, research and education.

TMMSN Stranding Statistics

Since 1980, the TMMSN has compiled geographical and chronological data on all marine mammal species in all seven TMMSN response regions.  TMMSN has significant quantities of Level A data on all marine mammals we have recovered available to researchers.  Contact us for more information.

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2010 TMMSN Stranding Statistics

All 2010 Stranding Statistics - By Month, Region, Sex, Code, Length, Species

2009 TMMSN Stranding Statistics

2009 Statistics by Month
4th Quarter 2009
3rd Quarter 2009
2nd Quarter 2009
1st Quarter 2009

2008 TMMSN Stranding Statistics

2008 Statistics by Month
4th Quarter 2008
2nd and 3rd Quarter 2008
1st Quarter 2008

2007 TMMSN Stranding Statistics

2007 Stranding Statistics by Month
4th Quarter 2007
3rd Quarter 2007
2nd Quarter 2007
1st Quarter 2007

2006 TMMSN Stranding Statistics

2006 Stranding Statistics by Month
4th Quarter 2006
3rd Quarter 2006
1st and 2nd Quarter 2006