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CC243 - Alice


Species: Bottlenose Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus
Age Class: Adult
Gender: Female
Date of Stranding: April 2007
Location of Stranding:
Duration of care at TMMSN:
Final Disposition: Transferred May 12, 2008 to SeaWorld San Antonio
CC243 - Alice

CC243 Alice, an adult female bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), stranded alive in April 2007. Alice was underweight and weak upon stranding, but after months in rehabilitative care with the TMMSN in Corpus Christi she put on much needed weight (weighing over 335 lbs by November 2007) and became a very strong swimmer. Although she did well in rehab, she had trouble maintaining stable blood values when not on antibiotics/medication. Numerous diagnostics along with many other viral and fungal tests were completed but a diagnosis was still unattainable. While on medication, her behavior was normal and active. Consults were completed with marine mammal vets across the U.S. on her case and after careful consideration of those consults, her medical history, and options, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) deemed Alice non-releasable in March 2008. Our number one goal is always to release a dolphin back into the wild after rehabilitation if at all possible, however there were many concerns that Alice would not be able to survive in the wild with her condition and that long term treatment would be necessary. Additionally, after one year in rehabilitation, it was agreed that is was best for Alice to be with other dolphins as soon as possible. Several facilities were interested and applied to take Alice permanently, and NMFS chose Sea World in San Antonio, Texas as the best suited for her care. She was transported to San Antonio May 12, 2008.





CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice
CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice


Numerous diagnostics were completed on Alice during her care in attempt diagnose her condition. The following photos are from one of Alice's medical procedures.
Watch a short video of the Corpus Christi Critical Care Team rounding up Alice for a procedure.


CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice
CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice
CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice
CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice  


Update May 16, 2008 - We wanted to give you the good news that “Alice” CC243 made it to SeaWorld San Antonio safely! She was transported by truck in a wet transport box and she did very well for the duration of the trip. When we arrived at SeaWorld, Alice was placed in a med pool next to a tank with a couple of mother/calf Bottlenose dolphin pairs. These dolphins next to her were spy-hopping up to peek over the wall at Alice and they seemed very excited about their new guest. We are told that as soon as Alice is ready, she will more than likely be placed with those female dolphins next to her. Alice seemed to be doing well in her new tank and within an hour after arriving she ate her dinner like a champ.
We are so glad that she is finally at her new home and hope that she continues to do well. TMMSN volunteers have done a great job of working with her every single day, 24 hours a day, over the last year and she wouldn’t be where she is today without you!




Summer 2008 - Alice continues to thrive at SeaWorld San Antonio. She has gained weight and is consuming 11 pounds of herring, caplin and squid daily. The biggest difference is the appearance of her skin, as you can see from the photos.
She has accepted Notchfin, the matriarch of the SeaWorld dolphins, as her “roommate”. Other animals will be introduced to her as she continues to adapt.


CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice


December 2008 - Alice is now in the community tank at SeaWorld San Antonio. Her blood values are normal. She is off all meds. She is making lots of new friends in the pool. She's eating very well and we are very proud of her progress! In a recent visit, Lea Walker, TMMSN Corpus Christi regional coordinator had the following to say about Alice:
    "I couldn't believe she knew me but they were feeding fish all around us and she stayed with empty-handed me. When I said 'bye bye' and walked away, she swam the length of the tank following my path. They are going to introduce her to the boys around the 11th, wish I could be there for that."



Photos contributed by Jenna Elizondo, a TMMSN supporter and regular visitor to SeaWorld San Antonio. CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice CC243 - Alice


TMMSN volunteers Lynette Bodmer and Lauren Dawson visited Alice in August 2011 and sent the following photos. They report that Alice is doing fantastic and is very, very loved by her trainers. She was in a pool with fellow TMMSN rescue, Donley and another young male named Cisco. Her trainers had been teaching her new husbandry behaviors to help with her care which she proudly showed off to her visitors. Her trainer, Jenny shared that she is a very sweet and smart girl!


CC243 - Alice