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LA07 - Marsha


Species: Bottlenose Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus
Age Class: Adult
Gender: Female
Date of Stranding: June 14, 2006
Location of Stranding:
Duration of care at TMMSN:
Final Disposition: Released June 21, 2006
LA07 - Marsha

The initial report was received on June 14, 2006 that there was a dolphin trapped in a large area approximately 70 acres behind a man-made levy. The water conditions behind this levy were poor with low salinity. The TMMSN responded and rescued this dolphin on June 21, 2006 and named her “Marsha” after the “Marsh Master” airboats that aided us in her rescue. She was rescued by an experienced team with the use of a capture net and given a full health assessment by the veterinarian for release. A roto tag was placed on the trailing edge of her dorsal fin for id and she was transported by airboat ¼ mile for immediate release into the Gulf.