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GA1330 - Astro


Species: Rough-toothed Dolphin, Steno bredanensis
Age Class: Adult
Gender: Male
Date of Stranding: April 18, 2005
Location of Stranding: Surfside Beach, TX
Duration of care at TMMSN: 89 Days
Final Disposition: Transferred July 16, 2005 to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL
GA1330 - Astro 

GA1330 Astro, an adult male rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis), stranded alive on Surfside Beach on April 18, 2005. Although he initially required support from volunteers, he began swimming on within a few short weeks. Astro developed a spinal curvature within the first 24 hours of care and received physical therapy to attempt to correct the problem. During his care with the TMMSN, he enjoyed spending time using his rubbing rope and brushes as well as chasing live fish (provided for enrichment) around his pool. He was transferred to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL July 16, 2005 with TMMSN rescue Noah to continue his rehabilitation with others of his species. Initially, the plan was to socialize them with other dolphins so that they could be released back into the wild. However, further testing in Florida showed that both Astro and Noah suffered from significant hearing loss and they were deemed non-releasable. Astro now lives with other rough-tooths at Gulf World.




GA1330 - Astro GA1330 - Astro GA1330 - Astro GA1330- Astro
 GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro



GA1330 - Astro GA1330 - Astro GA1330 - Astro GA1330 - Astro
GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro  Photos 3-7 show TMMSN volunteers working with Astro during veterinary procedures. 


Update from July 21, 2005 - Astro and Noah both made it to Gulf World safely, with no problems and they are already swimming together with their new companion, Doris (she is called "Dori"). He did well on the transport which lasted about 3 1/2 hours including the trip to Gulf World. By Sunday, Astro and Noah were playing their own little game of chase and playing with their noodle toys. Astro was also trying to imitate things that Noah does. Doris spent most of Sunday hanging out in the corner of the pool just observing the boys. However, by Monday, Doris was out with the boys and already trying to set them straight. She was claiming her toys and chasing Astro and Noah down for them. "Dori" and Noah also seemed to bond some as they swam around the tank touching rostrums. They've all seemed to start socializing with each other but things are still changing from day to day. Astro has a new inflatable ring like the on he had here in Galveston that he enjoys carrying around on his head and he's decided that he loves noodles as well. Out of the three animals, Astro spent the most time swimming close to the bottom of the tank, using the full depth and doing lots of breaching! Noah still loves his noodle and hangs out floating on it most of the day.




GA1330 - Noah
Astro's transport to FL.
GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro 
GA1330 - Astro  GA1330 - Astro     


January 7, 2008 - TMMSN supporters and volunteers, Brandon and Kim Bassett visited Astro and Noah earlier this week at Gulf World in Florida and had this to say about our previous patients: "They are both doing really well, love people, and are learning new behaviors. Astro still has a chiropractor come out twice a week to work on his tail. Astro also seems to have taken a liking to another female rough-tooth named Largo." Brandon and Kim also contributed the great photos below.


GA1330 - Astro
Astro (L) and Largo (R)
GA1330 - Astro 
GA1330 - Astro
Astro's friend, Largo
GA1330 - Astro 
GA1330 - Astro 
Astro recieves chiropractic treatment twice a week.
GA1330 - Astro 
Astro and Noah socialize with other rough-tooth dolphins.