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TMMSN Volunteers Now Providing Support for Buc-ee, CC284, Bottlenose Dolphin

December 21, 2010 Update

We are very sad to let all of you know that Buc-ee took a very bad turn for the worse overnight and into the morning. Although he had seemed to make very small improvements, his illness was far too progressed and was not responsive to treatment as we had hoped. Buc-ee passed away this morning and it is a very hard time for the volunteers who have spent so many tireless hours supporting him and hoping for him to be a success and all of those wishing him well. We certainly gave him a fighting chance and we are so sorry that he lost the battle.

Dr. Cowan will perform the necropsy this afternoon and we will let you know what we learn upon necropsy as soon as we have more information. We know that Buc-ee suffered from a very severe case of fungal pneumonia, however we often find that this type of illness is secondary to underlying neurological issues and suspect that may be the case from our experience with behavior and symptoms on other cases.

December 10, 2010

An 8.5' male Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) stranded ashore on PINS the afternoon of Friday, December 10, 2010. TMMSN Corpus Christi volunteers responded and provided veterinary support. The decision was made to transport the animal to Galveston, TX for rehabilitation.

TMMSN Galveston volunteers met the Corpus team at at the Port Lavaca Buc-ees station (thus the nickname) and the transfer to the Galveston transport truck was performed there.

Buc-ee is in very critical condition and is receiving treatment for severe pneumonia, which among other things, requires exhausting 24-hr in-water support from TMMSN volunteers at this time . Additional tests in the next 2 days will confirm the veterinary course of action going forward. The costs for treatment and rehabiliation of each animal is signficant and the TMMSN is asking for your help to meet the expenses needed to provide the best care possible.


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