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GA678 - Charlie


Species: Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Stenella frontalis
Age Class: Adult
Gender: Male
Date of Stranding: February 10, 1995
Location of Stranding: Beach Pocket Park #2, Galveston, TX
Duration of care at TMMSN: 35 days
Final Disposition: Released March 17, 1995

Charlie was our first spotted dolphin rehabilitation and release. He was found buried in sand by a cleaning crew who dug a large hole filled with water to place him in as instructed by the TMMSN until the rescue team could arrive. He was named in honor of the Texas National Guard unit Charlie from La Marque that set up a protective tent around the pool for Charlie and his volunteers. Charlie was a strong and aggressive feeder and enjoyed speed swimming and surfing in his own wake in the rehabilitation pool! Calling on the luck of the Irish, he was released on St. Patrick's Day.



GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie
GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie


GA678 - Charlie GA678 - Charlie


Charlie was released off Freeport, Texas on March 17, 1995. Charlie was outfitted with a satellite tag mounted on his dorsal fin. The tag was attached with dissolving bolts and had enough battery power to last six weeks. After a certain length of time, the bolts would dissolve and the satellite tag would fall off. Satellite data was received from Charlie through April 10, 1995. The map below shows approximate positions for Charlie on various dates. It appears that Charlie had no real difficulty in getting around post-release.



GA678 - Charlie