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Species: Clymene Dolphin, Stenella clymene
Age Class: Adult
Date of Stranding: April 30, 1985
Location of Stranding:
Duration of care at TMMSN: 1 day
Final Disposition: Released offshore April 30, 1985


PA55 was rescued by Tony Amos, a longtime TMMSN volunteer and supporter. According to the National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World, the Clymene Dolphin was confirmed as a valid species only in 1981, just 4 years before Tony Amos' rescue.

After a brief period of observation at the facility, it was decided to attempt an open ocean release on the day of the stranding. A crew was quickly assembled and PA55 was transported aboard the UTMSI vessel "Longhorn" 8.5 NM offshore where the dolphin was released. According to the original report, Tony states: "When free it circled the divers a couple of times, and at one time 'came and looked at us.' Then it made a wide circle of the ship and headed in an easterly direction, swimming easily and quite rapidly." Tony's report also mentions: "A news team from Channel 6 came along for the trip but became seasick. Some of the video was lost due to bad batteries on their camera, but some is OK and I am trying to get copies of the video."

Judging by their performance it would surprise us if Channel 6 were no longer in business but the TMMSN is still alive and kicking and we thank longtime volunteer Tony Amos for his service and for this first historic TMMSN rescue.



Tony Amos Tony Amos is a longtime TMMSN volunteer and advisor. Tony was on the TMMSN founding Board of Directors and currently balances his time his work at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, the Animal Rehabilitation Keep, and the TMMSN.