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PA890 - Tursiops truncatus

TMMSN - Bottlenose Dolphin Rescued from Fatal Entanglement

July 20, 2010 - Port Aransas TMMSN Volunteers Tony Amos, Amanda Terry, and Rick Reichenbach responded to a trapped Bottlenose Dolphin in Redfish Bay July 20. The young animal was entangled in a crab pot, with a line wrapped around the tail stock.

The team quickly responded and disentangled the animal, which was unharmed, but would have died a slow death by drowning, as the exhausted animal lost the strength to fight for air.

The animal was released immediately. Great job to the team, and thanks to Lea Walker of TMMSN CC for fielding the call and assisting with the rescue response. To the general public: This is not easy.  It can be dangerous for responders and an inexperienced responder may cause further injury to the animal.  All marine mammal rescue or recovery interactions should be authorized and performed by experienced handlers so please remember to report all such incidences you see by calling 1-800-9-MAMMAL. Local teams will be dispatched immediately.

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